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GPNVG-18 L-3 Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles
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After seeing recent footage of special forces I came across beautiful NVGs. GPNVG-18 L-3 Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles. This is a great design. Since Arma 3 takes place very far into the future and Special Forces currently uses these NVGS. I would suspect that it would eventually break into all-around issued gear for all deployed troops after further dates. Panoramic NVGs would make Night Time so much better because I remember in Arma 2, the NVGS would be too annoying and not being able to see your peripherals. This would be such a great add! {F19763}


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We're playing in the future, things like this would at the very least be standard issue for your average soldier if not better. In just 10 years night vision has advanced to crazy levels, now imagine 20+ years from now.

The fact that we are still using the tunnel vision NVGs is kinda sad.

Totally and utterly agree

Furthermore, Panoramic NVG might seem good, but if it means you have to carry more weight and more batteries. In future I would reckon a version of Google glasses, would be more likely.

e.g Ballistic Glasses with a HUD display, and a NVG (e.g passive or active Light amplification)

absolutely nice gear! /upvoted

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These probably cost around $15K - $20K and right now they are state of the art and in 20 years time I would imagine would be in at least Common service with Special Forces.

I understand it may be difficult for BIS to get Hands on or detailed info about these Since they are a GEN3 NVG and it is illegal to export them outside the US as well as illegal to let a Non-US Citizen look through them but with all the pictures of them I'm sure they can just make their own version of them to avoid licensing issues.

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I believe that there should be a drawback to GPNVG-18s, and that would be that they would me MUCH heavier than regular night vision, so carrying it would be something only done for night missions, whereas standard 2 lens NODs would be for if you're out in the field and it switches to night time during a long mission. Oh, also, Crye Precision Airframe when?

Upvoted, but only if it is an addition and not a substitution for the current NVGs.

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