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Increase the Ifrit's top speed from 137 kph to ~150kph + Increase it's gasoline consumption
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In official reports it's said that the ZiL Punisher (the vehicle the Ifit is based on) has a top speed of 93mph which is ~150kph, however in A3 you will never get faster than 137kph.

Also, the Punisher has a gasoline consumption of ~2.3 mpg which is around 1 liter per km.


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Drive the Ifrit.

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wUFr added a comment.Jun 6 2013, 3:06 PM

Please go play need for speed.. :D and it's already fast as hell

Yes, no doubt, but the real vehicle is faster, no matter what you think.

wUFr added a comment.Jun 6 2013, 6:28 PM

funny is, ifrit IS NOT real vehicle ;) its only inspired by some

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@wUFr ifrit is based on real vehicle.His name is Zil Karatel'(Punisher)

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The speed that something will do as an early prototype bares little to no relationship to what the end product will do once spec and options have been set and mass production starts.

It’s just a headline figure designed to trigger some interest mostly.

The discrepancy between ~150kph as an overpowered prototype that’s not at its standard marketable “fighting” weight like it would be once all the equipment is fitted vs. the in game 137kph with “equipment” is probably still a little to fast by 10 to 12 kph when full of people/equipment and inventory.

wUFr added a comment.Jun 7 2013, 7:46 AM

"is based on" ;) end.

+1 for b101uk

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