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SOAR 1st Person Aim Down the Sights (ADS) underwater issue
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When underwater with the SOAR underwater Weapon, you are able to move forward and faster forward while Aiming Down the Sights (ADS), while in 1st person this will result the players view position being placed at the back of the Weapon and the view position when moving fast forward is placed at the side of the Player Character model near the right hip resulting in incorrect camera position which is quite ugly.

This is issue could be corrected by maybe disabling the ability to Aim Down the Sights while moving fast underwater.


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Steps To Reproduce

1: Enter Editor.
2: Place Diver (of any Side) on or near Water.
3: Enter Water and dive below the Surface.
4: Aim down the Sights of the SOAR while underwater.
5: Move forward at fastest speed to see Camera Position follow Weapon sight line-up to position near Character Hip on the Right Side (Allowing player to see own chest and upper body).

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I can confirm this.
Pressing left shift + W while looking down the weapon sights makes a weird view angle.

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