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Unability to simply zero the SOS scope in steps of 100 meters above 1000 meters setting.
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It is currently impossible to zero the new SOS scope in steps of 100 meters if the scope is set to more than 1000 meters. Currently you can only zero in 100 meters steps beetween 300 meters and 1000 meters and after that you only got settings for 1200, 1400, 1600, 2000 and 2300. This does not only make it unnecessarily hard to hit targets at very high ranges due to the inaccuracy of the mil dots, but it is also kind of unlogical in relation to real sniper scopes which can be zeroed independently but also in relation to simple logic > why would somebody develop a scope for such distances without giving it this ability ?

My advise in this case: simply make it possible to zero the new SOS scope in 100 meters steps beetween 1000 and 2300 meters, this should also be applied for all future sniper scopes.

P.S: Due to the simple reason that I've already seen people complaining and even getting offensive about people who want to change an area of the game which requires quite a high level of confidence such as long range shooting with sniper rifles even though it would actually be logical like in this case, on the feedback tracker as well as on several ArmA related forums, I would actually request the other users too look at this issue from a logical point of view and not from an "immature showing off" point of view, hope you can understand that.

P.SS: With real snipers scopes being zeroed independently I mean that they can be zeroed without huge steps in the elevation levels e.g. you can zero from 0% elevation to 100% elevation without having any huge steps in it. (This example is extremely simplified, sniper scopes do actually not get zeroed in levels of percent)


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get any weapon that allows having a scope attached to it.
  2. Attach the SOS sniper-scope.
  3. Zero it to a value that is higher than 1000 meters.
  4. Notice that you can't zero in 100 meter steps anymore.

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I just tested it again, it seems like mil dots equal 80-120 meters depending on the distance, this makes it obviously kind of unpredictable to hit at certain distances. > Who would remember all the different mil dots in order to fire accurately ?

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Wait what, can you actually zero the scope at 2300m?

Yes you can, these are the settings of the scope: 300m, 400m, 500m, 600m, 700m, 800m, 900m, 1000m, 1200m, 1400m, 1600m, 2000m, 2300m.

200-400 m increments make so much sense! I wonder who's been configuring them.

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Well it's supposed to be a Military-Sim is it not.

I think you're trying to make it too easy, lets look at the other side of the spectrum for a sec.

Now imagine what would happen if they implemented lets say 1/4 MOA adjustment to the SOS or any other "Sniper Scope".
It would be laughable to see bunch of people with calculators trying to calculate the amount of clicks to get a perfect shot.

The above example might be good for ACE but does it have a place in a Regular Gameplay?
I don't think so.

In my opinion it should stay as it is, makes it harder for inexperienced soldier to hit their mark at long to extremely long engagement distance.
I'm sure after you've taken few hundreds or 1000s of shots with the weapon system you'd remember the "hold over" for that perfect shot.

BTW, forget about Headshots at those distances , no1 in their right mind goes for 8"x8" target in a highly stressful combat situation.

Lt Lyko

I kind of like the current zeroing system. It does require some degree of knowledge and practice, while being more accessible for the beginners than a realistic scope dial-in system would be.

Maybe the complexity of sniper scope zeroing should depend on difficulty setting? It would progress from 100m increments, through current system, through MOA adjustments and would finish at MOAs + windage for the most difficult setting. - if only I had a bipod there. Yup, there was a calculator at work. You can "see" it, when the scope floats around, after taking measurements and before zeroing in.

Anyone who doesn't like this is a twat.

Players are much too afraid of making this game easy and mainstream. Make zeroing any distance in 100 meter increments possible for 300 meters and above and then balance the difficulty by adding wind effects, coriolis effects and such.
It only makes SENSE. Just like jumping, blind-firing and a bunch of other suggestions scoffed at by elitist armaholics.

If snipers in reality can zero any distance then that's clearly how it should be. And shooting a sniper in reality isn't easy so that's also how it should be.

This guy has got it down right. These scopes should be able to be zeroed at any range. I also get the fact that you still want sniping to be hard and not simplistic, replace the 300m to 2300m with MRAD (Angular mil)/MOA (minute of arc) increments instead of distance increments. Actually I'm going to request this feature.

Fixed a few weeks ago so I'm closing this issue.

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