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Don't need breath hold while moving and zooming in
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Currently,zooming in and hold breath is all in Hold RMB,When stay still, it's useful, but when I'm moving forward and try to closer scan on some spot, it makes me exhaust much quicker than not hold breath(like by press NUM+)
I don't think anyone who need to hold breath when moving,it dosen't help you for steady, but makes you much more tired and lose stable.


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Hold RMB while moving for zoom in, you will hold your breath. After doing it for times,you will get tired, much quicker than not do it.

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I do know that stay in Zoom in view is not good for SA, but since I don't have a large screen, it is useful to get a 3~5 seconds long scan by zoom in while moving as combat pace, just doing this can makes you exhaust. I don't have extra mouse key for Zoom in only as the "NUM+" Key.
Also I have a freetrack, using that can totaly ignore this issue, but it takes me a while to setup, sometimes I just want to jump in the game and start to play, so I not always use it, that makes me find out this problem.

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I also zoom in while walking to have a better scan of the area.
While I can use NUM+ it is far less convenient than holding right
mouse button especially if you consider walking at the same time.
And like you said i have no clue why would someone want to
hold their breath while walking.

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Just put the controls on something else? I put "hold breath" on one of my other mouse buttons.

I don't think this is something that should be changed by default though, ArmA already requires a lot of different keys. Those that really feel they use the zoom a lot while walking are already able to change it.

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So I will change the zoom to right mouse button and when I want to hold
my breath I will still need to use a button which most likely will be not
conveniently placed since there are already many other important

While I agree this is not such an important issue, it is also not such a problem
or time consuming to fix, also, it won't affect you (or people who don't zoom while
walking)in any way.

In general I think if I would really go into it OPF/ARMA series has allot of
buttons which probably many of them can be combined / streamlined and make this
game feel much more modern, haven't checked it though, just a feeling.

For instance almost nothing has changed in the squad commanding controls
of the series since OPF, but that is another subject.

Why not just change hold breath key in settings?

Problem solved.

bez added a comment.Jun 4 2013, 12:42 AM

metalcraze, I explained why one post above yours.

Agreed. This is also an issue when "hold breath" gets activated while zooming in with binoculars or non-zoom sights.

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You usually also hold breath when firing with iron sights or red dot.

since an infantry soldier required many times to shoot after running, while he
breath havely and his arms are moving, there is a typical traning that is called
"firing after physical strain" (my own rough translation from my own languge).

What you do is you sprint back and forth until you need to catch your breath
than you go prone at the firing range, take 3-4 havey deep and strong breaths,
than hold your breath and shoot. it is done with iron sights or red dot as well.

So it shouldn't be removed from non scope sights,
it should be removed only while moving.

I'm agree with you bez.

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