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I'd like Mk20 default is F2000 FN Herstal, not F2000+P90-style Monolith Arms
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After seeing the live for the beta the 1st june, there is one question concerning the Mk20. Did Bohemia want to make a copy of the F2000 or a F2000-style not totally cloned?
Here the Mk20:

Here the F2000:

Here the P90:

If they can, I'd like that the Mk20 is the F2000.


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It's a Monolith Arms foregrip - a real life accessory for the F2000/FS2000

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Wanna AD stuff? wait ACE3~

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That is the F2000... As the other guy said that is the monolith grip you are talking about.
*EDIT: By the way:

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one question - why?
Why you don't like current model?May be this is future modified version,created for "Green_Army_name".
I saw some haters before about "M14 is an US weapon,and made for use" something like that.

Why don't I like the monolith arms on F2000? Because it is my taste. I find the original F2000 beautiful.

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