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Night Vision Googles by faction.
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Today I saw devs stream.I saw every faction uses diffirent gear,uniform,have diffirent vehicles,but all rest of them use same model of night vision googles.May you create diffirent models of night vision googles?This is small and not so important detail,but I will be glad,if it will be.Thank you.
(Don't know modern NVGs,post this as example,soon i'll lurk moar)


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second good

add this mon monocular.

I think that different kinds of NVG should be, and now there is a feeling that opfor and blufor are purchased in one shop

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It would be nice to see, especially if BiS decides to stick with OPFOR's crazy looking HUD setup. Currently all scopes, binoculars, NV just get placed over the opaque eye pieces.

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Use NVG's like the ones the SEALs used in Zero Dark Thirty for BLUEFOR. If they were used in 2011 i think it's sage to assume that they would be widespread (if not completely phased out) in 2035. Besides we will have the ghost hawk from that movie as well in the beta.

Regarding the OPFOR, their helmets look so futuristic and advanced that i'd assume they have nught vision capabilities built into those eye piece things.

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