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Improved Action Menu
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I am fond of the good old action menu but it needs to be both more intuitive and faster to use. If I remember correctly this is something BIS said they were interested in looking at. So here is my suggestion:

1: Make actions avalible to the player always visible by small icons at the left side of the screen (this can be turned off in options).

2: Instead of rolling the mousewheel and clicking; just make the icons expand to an action menu when the player is holding the middle mouse button. By dragging the mouse during this hold the player can select an action and release hold to preform the action. This is much quicker and simpler than the current method.

3: The icons are important so that the action menu is as clean and easy to read as possible. When you have several weapons in your inventory you should easily see what action will select your gun and what action will select your AT launcher.

NOTE: See the attached picture for a simple visual concept of this suggestion. Any ideas for improvement on this system is very welcome! {F19684}


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The idea in its simplest form:

  • Icons to help represent each action possible
  • "Hold, drag and release" to select action (instead of roll and click)

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Very good idea, so long as they keep the context sensetive actions such as opening a door using space ect, this would be great.

Also when it comes to detonating explosives pehaps instead of hold - drag - release its

hold - drag - release - icon turns red - press once more, just to prevent accidental detonation.

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I like the icons idea and such but the fact that you have to hold the middle button and that your aim is stationary will probably cause lots of accidents.

for exemple, say you're town sweeping and need to open a door, you hold your middle mouse button, start moving your mouse down and at the same moment you see an ennemy coming, you realease your middle mouse button when your mouse was over "switch to pistol", which cause you to switch to pistol and by the time you actually do you get shot down

the actual system requires you to click for the action to perform, which means you can intercept an ennemy while the menu is still open since your aim isn't blocked or anything

and this is why I don't think this would be better

I see your point; but the idea here is that the "hold, drag and release" system would be so quick that it wont be a problem. Making a choice should take one second tops. After all its just a delayed middle mouse click with some moving of the mouse at the same time.

Also, like Ben85 points out; regular stuff like opening doors should still be possible by just pointing at it and pressing space. The "hold and drag" system is meant to speed up actions like choosing a seat in a vehicle or looting a corpse (situations in which you are looking at the ground or right into a car anyway)

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Related to #4730

i say leave actions as they are but add a second easier method to interact with i think little text buttons on screen is the best idea of course hide gui option along with it

Marking dupe of #10726, since it's got the most votes - but you certainly come up with one possible idea; it's not lost due to relationship with the other ticket.