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Laying prone on top of a grenade prevents death
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I tried something random today, throwing two grenades at the ground and lying on top of them to see what happens. So, after doing so, I noticed that I was still alive after two grenades exploding right underneath me. I was injured, but not dead!

Generally, laying on top of grenades kills a person; especially two!


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Throw a grenade, or two.
  1. Go prone on top of grenade(s).
  1. Wait for explosions.
  1. Take damage from said explosions.
  1. Heal self.
  1. Profit...?

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This would be good for some dramatic scenes...

*Grenade gets thrown towards your friends and you jump in heroically screaming "Nooooo" while dolphin-diving onto the nade (add slowmotion here)*

Should get patched anyways.

Confirmed. just tested it with a group of soldiers around you. they die, you(laying on the grenade) dont. In fact, they should take less damage than they would normally at that range

Rofl, amazing. I didn't think that would actually work, drummr. x)

And Jason's comment is full of win.

Should be fixed in current dev version. You are not able to survive this situation if you have normal armor (extended armor in difficulty options must be disabled).

Mass close.