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AH9 & MH9 far too loud
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When piloting the A/MH9 the engine/rotor noise is too loud to hear communications.
I've noticed that idling in the KA60 with the engine running and having the A/MH9 land nearby that the noise is so loud that communications can not be heard.


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be in/near A/MH9 with engine running and try to communicate

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True, littlebirds are not that noisy!

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Closing in favor of #9083.

So I heard they're still too noisy?

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Please leave loud helis. HELIS ARE LOUD, people have to deal with it.

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Yeah, choppers have to be loud. If you stay outside/near to a hovering/flying chopper in reality, you can't just talk to someone like normal.

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As noted within Bug #9083, they need to integrate radio ear plugs and radio headsets, or just hack something in to make Voice Over Net (VON) usable.

BadVideogamer: You're stating duplicate overly generalized information. And we are dealing with it. ;-)

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Do the crew of an open helicopter really have to yell to communicate?
I'm pretty sure they use noise cancelling headphones with a microphone. The helicopters I've flown (as a passenger) were closed but had those still.

Whenever piloting the Mohawk or AH-99, I always have to reduce the Audio Effects volume to less than 10%, else I cannot hear or communicate with the Voice Over Network (VON) chat. How realistic is having to adjust audio volumes? ;-)

This will probably be an ongoing argument
simple solution would be to add in ear-plugs or some form of deadening gear.

I took part in sling-load training involving a "Blackhawk" (not being specific)
in which we all had the option to wear ear-plugs (recommended) and of course to get the full experience I went without...

  • Helos are indeed very loud to say the least... lots of grinding and howling from inside the helo which impaired my ability to hear for minutes after.

also consider most of you are comparing closed and open cockpits... there will be a big difference + different sized motors/blades and engines will be louder than others.

  • lower freq (larger motors/rotors) of sound travel further and are easier to hear from a distance... easier to feel the closer you get.
  • therefore higher freq (smaller motors/rotors) will be louder the closer you get.
  • the shape of the canopy/cockpit could alter the sound (dB level) in both a positive/negative way.
  • different frames and rotor materials/designs resonate sound differently

... theory.

which is why I OPT for an ACE/ACRE style audio/radio system with ArmA which I wish BIS would have in-game (ear-plugs, radio ch/vol, headset placement, etc.)

realKHz added a subscriber: realKHz.May 7 2016, 2:20 PM

I just don't understand why as a 'military sim' bis would chose to ignore the fact that effective communication is paramount in battle. if pilots can't communicate with commanders, or team mates, then they're just flying blind

I understand that the little bird has an open cockpit, but does that mean the pilot should be unable to hear any comms?
also, i'm sure that the littlebirds are considerably louder on the ground, to people outside of the aircraft, than any of the other helo's. (this doesn't bother me at all because the helo will be away shortly and the people on the ground will be able to communicate again) but it is curious

what gets me is the inability for pilots to communicate, especially from the littlebird.

as for the people who vote it down and say 'helo's are loud, get over it', why do you waste your time? I know they're loud, I've flown helicopters, and it was loud, that's why I wore headphones.

I guess i'll just have to download acre if I want a resolution