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Arma 3 - Wishlist
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I created an Arma 3 wishlist on google docs which gets updatet regulary with your and my ideas:
Please feel free to share your opinion and ideas on it in the comments!



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good initiative but I think there is already such things on the forums

yeah, I know but I wanted to try it myself :)

Upvoting, cause I like (most of) the ideas. But especially the towing/airlifting (with proper physics included) vehicles part. And transporting vehicles in general. That should be a given at this point, considering how much those mods/scripts are used even in A2. Fast-roping also would be a HUGE +.

I also quite like the idea of rivers and this also gave me the idea of a swamp/marsh area. (Imagine your squad slowly walking knee-deep in the dirty, shallow waters of the swamp in the early-morning fog approaching an enemy encampment escorted by the sounds of frogs ;) Although that wouldn't really fit the Stratis/Altis atmosphere, so possibly for future maps..?

Why you didn't post this on forum? It's weird to post something like this into bug reporting place..

BTW I agree with almost everything in your wishlist.

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Sorry, this kind of thing doesn't really belong on the tracker.

As others have pointed out, you can discuss such wish lists on the forums. The tracker is for individual, well defined feature requests and bug reports of course.