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[Request] More Animations for AI to Behave More like Humans
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New animations for AI will immerse us players into the world more.
This is a example of a man pointing at a specific area in his field of vision. When the AI spot the enemy at a really far distance, it is believable they would do the same to help coordinate their nearby squad-mates.
This is a example of a man looking in the direction of the sun. This hand gesture is very common and shows that he is activity scanning the environment, along with his head in a forward posture and eyes squinted.

AI during their rest and recuperation in their base of operations should have more animations showing they are relaxed. In the Alpha, I notice they only stand around or walk around with their weapons low. It would be nice to see AI sitting down, chatting to other AI, cleaning or tweaking their weapons or gear, loading and unloading gear, and even exercising by doing pushups or jumping jacks.


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voted up only for the last link you provided as that seems like the only do able thing, the others would be too much work i think :S

but up-voted for the LAST link :D

tyl3r99 did you ever play SOCOM for the PS2?

That game had working camouflage that fooled enemies in it. It made you feel like a bad ass navy seal, when you were sneaking around the enemy, you located all your threats, devised a plan of action, then struck in one swift blow, eliminating all of them at once.

Good times.

yeah i loved it!! the fact that you could command your team through the head set was realistic enough for me!

i think the eye squinting and the pointing animations would be un useful in arma 3 :/ i think it may be too much work for the dev team but everything else i agree with :D in couple of years this game will have mods, addons, patches the works to make it the best FUN game we have ever played...

even better times.

Ya I love how the community is really dedicated to Arma. I'm just glad that Arma 3 has good graphics. I never bought Arma 2 because I thought the graphics were terrible. I'm really looking forward to the City maps.

there wont be a city map
to topic:
I think that the last one might be the only thing that is possible for A3, this late into development. Vote UP for the LAST ONE as well

Kalle82 added a subscriber: Kalle82.May 7 2016, 2:18 PM

I been hoping for something like this for along time. Both that civilians move around more freely and act more like humans, talk to eachother, go between places and so on... there is a function like this to VBS and i have been hoping for one for along time for arma.

This document show some of the aspects that would make arma to a much more intresting game...,d.bGE&cad=rja


Yes there will be, if there isn't in the default game, someone will make one in the community and there will definitely be one in a mod.

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