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Vehicle Customization
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I think you should be able to customize vehicles in a way similar to customizing your weapon. For example, take the UH-1H from ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead. It has M240 machineguns attached to the sides. You would be able to take off the M240's and add different machineguns, or just take them off completely. Also, take the Hunter cars that are in ArmA 3. You could take off the gun turret on the top and put a grenade one, or take it off completely.


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similar to attachments on weapons?

Yes, there could be some sort of inventory feature where you could store the attachments in a container or in your inventory and you could just drag them into a certain slot like you do with weapon attachments.

I would suggest being able to do this pre-mission, in mission building, like when you pre-equip a soldier, via scripting. Because the time it would take to remove or add weapons would be quite extensive and probably wouldn't be performed in a battlefield scenario. However the opportuntity to actually customise vehicles, rather than having many different variants might be useful for mission makers, and mod devs only have to make the weapons, not the vehicle too, so somebody could design a missile, and you could slap it on your plane.

Yes, that makes more sense. But I still think having some sort of interface would be easier than scripting, for those kinds of people who don't really know how to script but still want to make a fairly decent mission. Maybe an in-editor interface would work? That could also be used for unit inventories to make things a lot easier.

They should include both like they do for soldiers.

Yeah an in editor customisation tool for any object with an inventory would be quite good, and I would go as far to say it is needed. Maybe just another button in the unit placement screen in the editor that says customise and then it takes you to the inventory screen with all the things you could put in there on the left, and then it's inventory on the right.

See issue 0005813

Yeah, I'm not exactly a master scripter myself and I'd love to save time with an easy-to-use inventory editor.

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Would be nice if we could compose our own vehicles :)

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this could go with a radius around vehicle ammo crates and ammo and/or repair truck

"this could go with a radius around vehicle ammo crates and ammo and/or repair truck" I'd make that dependent on scripting, not a game feature.

whether game or scripting based, it would be really cool to have a spot (similar to a rearm/repair pad) where such things could be customized. would make a vehicle a much larger asset (especially in a campaign where equipment is persistent between missions), as it would have both GMG and HMG capability.

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