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Radio protocol: Should say "target" when ordering to target, instead of "attack"
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Okay, so one of the things that's really bothered me from the beginning is the fact that units in ARMA 3 say "attack" instead of "target" like in previous ARMA games.

This may sound minor, but it really ruins the fun of eg. ambushes. It used to be awesome preparing ambushes, or simply invading an enemy camp using stealth. To ask your units to hold fire, target specific units (not attack them), then finally give the FIRE! command and watch them taking down the enemies.

It's just wrong as it is now, when you tell them to target, and your unit says "attack" instead. "All, hold fire and attack that man!", is basically what the unit says now.

It's fine to have an "attack" phrase too, but units should say "target", at least if units are in a HOLD FIRE state.


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@AD2001: And right after that the soldiers formed a flashmob and tried to overwhelm the enemy, that was a real massacre xD.
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Because you need to give an additional order to engage unless it's engage at will.

So a leader ordering soldiers to 'attack' an enemy with them not reacting in any way until the engage order looks kinda silly.

Argh. This just ruined my video again today.

doosh added a comment.Sep 10 2014, 6:06 PM

Unfortunately, we do not have whole sentences "target that [...]" recorded in stealth, so I fixed this (some time ago) by changing that sentence creating new stealth samples "target" for every actor and I did compose that sentence as "[name] - target - [...]".

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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