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HC RPT Error Spamming: "Last created message is bad" resulting in poor performance
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The HC spams in it's RPT file the following message:

Last created message is bad:

  sending message: 2c021b70 (type Type_297), id = 105e9
  attached object info: 21136fc0
  last created message: 2c021580, id = 105e9
  last sent message: 2c0214e0

At a very high rate, resulting in a log file that grows several hundred Mb in one session

The type value is either 297 or 143, and all the other values vary greatly:

Last created message is bad:

  sending message: 2136bdc0 (type Type_143), id = 1061c
  attached object info: 21136f50
  last created message: 2136bd60, id = 1061c
  last sent message: 2136bee0

When this occurs, there is a lot of desync with the AI, though they still function, albeit with a fair amount of glitching. The server FPS suffers porportionaly to the number of AI on the mission and CPU usage for the HC and Server reach equally high levels


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This problem start randomly for spawned AI. The more you have, the more likely it can occur, and it can start at any time for existing AI during the course of the game.
The problem may be stopped by restarting the mission, but that doesn't seem to work. A full HC restart is needed to stop the problem from continuing (but not from starting again later)

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Still exists with 0.60

still exists in 0.76

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.