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Add option to allow teamkill without getting a negative score
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we allready got the

aikills = 1;

option for description .ext/

Would it be posible to get an option to allow teamkilling for certain teams without handing out negative scores?

for example in wasteland independed (GUER) players are allowed to play solo but killing other independed players still gives a negative score.

It woule be awesome if we could allow a team to teamkill in the missions description.ext

for example:

allowedtkteams = GUER,CIV;


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Steps To Reproduce

play wasteland on any version/server
join independed (GUER)
kill another independed (GUER) player

  • negative score

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Can't you just use addScore/addRating when players are allowed to teamkill?

You can but there are problems with it.

I think is a great idea to allow team kill to create for example a DM template.

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