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TRG's bolt animation isn't working
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All TRG rifles have this issue - their bolt isn't moving when firing and also their bolt should stay open when you shoot the last round , just like MX rifles do.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Take any TRG rifle from the weapon crate
  1. Switch to 3rd person
  1. Look at bolt on right side
  1. Start shooting and keep looking at that bolt
  1. Notice that bolt isn't moving at all and after you shoot last round it should stay open
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Just in case if you need a real life reference

watch this video

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Related to 0007755.

Still true in latest DEV rev. 05814

sarlac added a subscriber: sarlac.May 7 2016, 2:13 PM

Bolt on Tavor should not cycle when fired. If that is the current state that is correct.

on real tavor the bolt cycles when fired , only charging handle does not

Right now it is the wrong way around.

The charging handle reciprocates, while the bolt does not seem to move.

Still not fixed ...