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Missing module skirmish init
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Today no more module "skirmish init" and "dynamic patrol".

I restarted editor, stqrted new mission edition and also restarted Arma 3.
Still the missing modules, and it does not look like if there 's been an update.

Is it on purpose (hidden update => if so what replace it ?) or is there any bug ? {F19541}


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Yes, i was just looking into this and saw the forum post about them removing it. however even though they have chosen not to support the modules any further (atleast thats what i got out of the statmenet) i feel that the modules should have been left in for us as the users to decide if they were worth using or not. If we want to use an unfinished module that we like as the community, why can't we have it?

This module although not finished had HUGE potential for randomizing missions. PLEASE let us have it back....

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bring this back bis

I agree, why was it removed, we don't even have an ambient combat module?