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SDAR UW Bullets too weak
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The 5.56er dual purpose ammunition is way to weak. underwater and on land..enemies can resist multiple bodyshots and headshots twice.


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put 2 diver into the editor (underwater) write: this setcaptive true; into the init field of your unit to prevent aggressive behaviour. get close to the enemy and try some shots in body or head.

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you know....... that's the idea..... that's why you have 2 STANAG standar 5.56 mags

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Is by design. Voted down. Underwater shots have limited reach. Close range shots are instant kill.

It's intended. On surface use STANAG, in water use UW ammo, which is effective underwater. Underwater gun will be never as effective as normal gun. Deal with it.

Agreed with Snipedhunter.


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Duplicate ticket.