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Bug floating on destroyed bridge
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After destroying a bridge, the wheel of the car not collide with terrain.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

-Open editor
-Destroy bridge on agia marina (position mark on image)
-Move on with car

Additional Information

In addition, a suggestion: the model of the destroyed bridge is ugly.
It would be nice if there is rubble.

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As a side effect of this, the AI keep using the destroyed bridge without issue.

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Old report with no results. It shouldn't be that hard to fix this.

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I came across this also, but I was in an MP game and quite shortly after some idiot started teleporting people and vehicles out to sea, so I just put it down to that silliness.

The two bridges I have seen it on are the one closest the sea in Agia Marina and the one nearest the barracks/firing range in Agia Marina.

It appear as if the bridge just drops vertically with the edge walls disappearing while you (player) levitate over the gap as if the bridge was still there.

So it’s not just limited to AI.

Spawning with an armored car cracks the bridge and you die.
(There is still an invisible object that you can drice over.)
I hope this will be fixed soon becaus you are not able to break a bridge to make the terrain behind the bride safe against cars....
All other problems with bridges confirmed too.
So all in all: * please add a better locking model of the destroyed bridge

  • make sure that this model has correct physikal influences and that there are no other unvisible objects.

Closing in favor of #13020. (Acknowledged.)