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Duplicate tactical menu item Engage (3,7) - "No target" replaces "Scan Horizon" [Build: 0.57.105210]
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There is a misconfiguration of the tactical menu which causes a duplicate of item 7 in the watch submenu. Previously item 7 was "Scan Horizon", but "No Target" has the same menu shortcut allocation and replaces the Scan Horizon command.

This issue was introduced in the previous build. {F19445}


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As team leader select tactical menu item 3 followed by item 7

Issue: Tactical menu 3,7 sends command "No Target"

Expected: Tactical menu 3,7 sends command "Scan Horizon"

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Initially believed to be a duplicate entry in the configuration file, but on further investigation was found to be identical to Arma 2 which works as expected.

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Maybe, it's because there isn't a target so you want your men to search for the enemies.

No, it's caused by a duplication of a single command number within menu structure. Have a look at the screenshot attached. Two commands are linked to "7" and when you use keyboard to issue a command, only the first of them is executed, which is "no target".

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i tried and confirmed this, "scan horizon" order can't be issued at all. Normally "no target" is supposed to be only in target menu, which is the menu number 2.

Just noticed this today when I wanted my spotter to look for enemies, and my unit said "No Target" instead.

@XSnipa: You can still select it by scrolling the mouse wheel and hitting the middle mouse button on it, but it's 10 times slower.

I have noticed this as well.

"No target" is a 2-1 order.
3-7 should only be "scan horizon".

Duplicated by #0009391

Fixed in beta (0.71.106762).

If anyone else would be kind enough to confirm the fix, I will mark this as fixed.

Confirmed fixed in Beta 0.71.106777

Confirmed. This issue is solved in version 0.71.

Fixed in default Beta build

Mass close.