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Custom Menus no longer working since latest patch?
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Custom support menus don't seem to be working since the latest update. I use a set of scripts I wrote in my missions, which up until now has worked perfectly. Here's how it works, or rather, worked:
In the init.sqf, I added [] execVM "commsMenu2.sqf";

along with several lines which my support scripts need to function.

CommsMenu2.sqf itself looks like this:

CUSTOM_menu = [
["CALL SUPPORT",false],
["CALL FOR CAS (FW)",[2],"",-5,[["expression","nul=[LOG_AIRSTRIKE] execVM 'callCas.sqf'"]],"1","1"],
["CALL FOR CAS (RW)",[3],"",-5,[["expression","nul=[LOG_AIRSTRIKE] execVM 'callRotary.sqf'"]],"1","1"],
["AIR STRIKE",[4],"",-5,[["expression","nul=[LOG_AIRSTRIKE] execVM 'airstrike.sqf'"]],"1","1"],
["EXTRACTION",[5],"",-5,[["expression","nul=[LOG_AIRSTRIKE] execVM 'CallExtract.sqf'"]],"1","1"]


BIS_MENU_GroupCommunication = [
[localize "STR_SOM_COMMUNICATIONS", false],
["CALL SUPPORT",[2],"#USER:CUSTOM_menu",-5,"expression","","1","1"]

if (true) exitWith {};

Again, until the latest update, this worked without fail. Pressing 0-8 brought up my custom support menu and allowed me to select the support options I've scripted. Now, though, pressing 0-8 does ~nothing~. I've tried this across several missions which worked flawlessly prior to this last update.


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Communication menu is now handled differently, please follow these instructions:

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