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setShadowDistance command does nothing
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The setShadowDistance command does not change shadow rendering distance in Dev build 0.57.105210


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ceeeb added a comment.Sep 13 2013, 2:20 AM

This issue is still apparent in release build 1.00.109911

setShadowDistance does appear to do work, but the getShadowDistance gets near instantaneously changed back to the current shadow distance value set in the video options.

Still present in dev 1.07.112166

I would prefer if this command allowed to change the distance beyond 200 meters too.

^^ the example in wiki mentions 1000 :)

confirmed working with today's devs.

but Xendance is right: it is limited to 200m. (devious wiki examples)

This command has weird behaviour.

setShadowDistance 0;
getShadowDistance; //100 ???

The changes to shadowdistance however apparent when setting distance under 100m.

setShadowDistance 5000;
getShadowDistance; //2000 ???

However the maximum visually affected range is 200m not 2000m.

I think it is a bit too early to claim fix on this issue.

you're right... when i made the tests only tried 100 and 200. And these are accepted and updated. The command has exacly these as minimum and maximum values, anything outside is reset. 150 is accepted, 50 or 1000 are not.

(tested with Shadow settings: Low | Very High | Ultra)

ceeeb added a comment.May 4 2015, 12:33 AM

Command is roughly functional in dev build 1.45.130581.

It is possible to change the shadow distance to within the range of 0-200 using this command. Expected is 100-200.

Return of getShadowDistance (and actual shadow visibility range) is always within range of 100-200.

No change in dev build 1.63.137921
It is still possible to set shadow range to within range of 0-200m, meaning script command can disable shadows. Bug or feature?
Expected possible range has changed to 50-200m.