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Stuck on 'Wait for Host' or 'Receiving Data' forever and never get in-game. Only on some maps and I can't figure out how to fix
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On certain maps in the server I play on, I can't get into map. It either hangs at full bar 'Wait for Host' or full bar 'Receiving Data'. Everyone else is in game and playing but I'm stuck at the loading screen. There's 1 other person that this happens to as well out of 25~ people. So far, it's only been on 2 maps out of 5 and it only happens on these 2 maps. {F19425}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join server
  2. Game starts
  3. Get's stuck after downloading the map
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This only happens to me and one other person. We can't figure it out. We all have the same mods, one of the people even just gave his folders. The game doesn't freeze or crash, it just hangs at the loading and I'm unable to play on the maps.

I've also tried reinstalling Arma 3 and that did nothing at all.

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Make sure you have the required ports open for both Steam and Arma?

Also, from Bug #2527, UDP 2302-2306 are required for ARMA 3.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

The following Developer Changelog entry for "17-05-2013" might also be relevant.

"Fixed: Multiplayer should no longer be stuck in intro/outro"

NOTE: No recompiled EXE has been published yet, but is currently fixed with internal source code or internal binary?

I have no idea if this is relevant to your filed bug, but it might help. :-/

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Happens to me too (even after the update on the 18th).
Seems to only happen when JIP

Same issue, also created a feedback awhile ago.

Our server has the same problem, again it only happens JIP.

JIP = Join in Progress

This feature allows you to join in a multi player match/game while it is running.


This is the default behavior for most joining a game, and I'm always joining games already in progress without any problems.

Seems like this bug is only affecting a select few for unknown reasons, unless it is already fixed within the internal BIS source code/builds.

k0rd added a comment.May 19 2013, 4:45 AM

To clarify, the problem seems server or mission specific, not client specific. If a server is affected, *nobody* can JIP- not just select individuals.

Also, it first occured on the update from the 16th.

what we had to do was load the raw mission file, rather than export the mission pbo.

k0rd added a comment.May 19 2013, 8:12 AM

This is outside of the scope of the ticket, but I'm wondering how to do this with the dedicated server - not sure how to load things that aren't in the mpmissions dir as PBO. I'll report my results, we are dying to play correctly for the rest of the weekend :)

I'm pretty sure it's server specific, k0rd. I only have this issue on one server, even though all my mods are working fine on other servers, this one breaks them and makes me unable to connect at all.

We have the same problem after last dev build (17-05-2013). Noone can JIP on any of our servers. Works if the mission is started after all players joined. One interesting observation is that if a player changes or creates a new player profile he can join but problem re-occurs if he disconnects with the new profile.

Tried different servers, misions, mods...

Should be fixed in today's DEV build.

Mass close.