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Street lights dont break when shot ?
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during night operations street lights can not be shot out?


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Specify the votes man .
I voted yes , i want more destruction , if i shoot to a light it should explode , if i shot to a wheel it should explode...etc..

Shoot a few times and the light goes out, and also for the wheels...

Yes, it is possible to shoot out lights. However it takes quite a few bullets, and grenades have no effect. I downvoted this, as it needs further specification if it should be changed

I wonder, why would glass in arma 2 and lights in arma 3 require the use of multiple bullets from a firearm?

i did not realize they required multiple shots, but it should be one shot, upvote

They can be shot out, i suggest you rewrite the issue, that it takes way to many bullets to do so.

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Duplicate of #1656.