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Anti tank have no ballistic.
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AT rockets have no ballistics,that all,what I can say.Rocket fly on the direct line.Not sure that gravity doesn't works on future rockets. {F19381}


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Unable to reproduce.

Besides, it's a ROCKET. It doesn't fall like a regular projectile.

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I didn't a rocket was an irregular projectile. Could you please explain how it differs from regular projectiles?

Oh, I don't know... Oh, maybe because it has its own propellant? Besides, all AT missiles in the alpha are guided.

Again, this is not reproducible and is not a bug. It works as intended.

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Guidance may to be disabled.And propellant aren't infinite.For handled AT launchers this is very important,because it should have enough ligth for carry it by one man.

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Cannot reproduce. Rockets and missiles fall down after they lose speed.

Just as a Clarification on here, G - Gravity still acts on Rockets. The key factor is the Escape Velocity required, something like 11km a Second. If you threw a stone horizontally at this speed it would fall around the earth perpetually, e.g Orbit.

In physics, escape velocity is the speed at which the kinetic energy plus the gravitational potential energy of an object is zero. It is the speed needed to "break free" from the gravitational attraction of a massive body, without further propulsion.

Yes Rockets can generate lift, either directly or if they have wings, but Gravity still acts on them and the arc they trace is easily plotable. It's only when they match or exceed Escape Velocity when they won't return to earth at some point. So Rocket Projectiles should still trace an arc of somekind.

Not sure what an Irregular Projectile is? Maybe it's a Potato?

But for the purposes of ARMA it works fine as it is, otherwise this could be getting unmanagably complex for our needs.

Unless of course we start firing ICBM's or using Naval PHANLANX or GOALKEEPER or Railgun type weapons.

Like I said. It's not reproducible. Rockets do drop in the game.

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Bluefor AT are guided fire and forget, you can google it

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Men this are no Ariane.

g = 10 m/s


  • 12.1 kg (27 lb) unloaded (with optical sight)


  • PG-29V tandem rocket
  • TBG-29V thermobaric rounds


  • 105 mm (4.1 in) barrel
  • 65 and 105 mm (2.6 and 4.1 in) warheads


  • velocity 255 m/s (840 ft/s)

Effective range

  • 500 m (1,600 ft)
  • 800 m (2,600 ft) (with tripod and fire control unit)

Ballistic looks for me working. Rocket explode after time.

Azur.Yes,but this function may to be disabled.I well know that NLAW are Fire and Forgot.
Well looks like now everything looks fine.
I have no idea,what plans devs have about light disposable launchers,but such big rockets makes big problems on hardcore PvP missions.This missle destroy any ported ArmA2 vehicles.Those rockets are to much for squads.But yet we don't know much about vehicles,possible this will be not enough for future vehicles.

@samogon you do hit a very good point and I'm not sure if BIS is implementing AT properly.

There are two kinds of AT, reloadable and disposable. I always remember in ARMA / OFP Cold War Crisis the 66mm Law was reloadable, which used to make me cringe.

Things like Carl Gustav are clearly reloadable, AT4's and LAW's obviously not. NLAW I have no idea.

NLAW are disposable laucher IRL.And they are guided.
My IMO about all of this:
NLAW - guided and disposable.Effective only at less that 1km.Flying on trajectory.
RPG - Unguided and reloadable.With rangefinder and ballistic grid like in carl gustav in OA.

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 2:04 PM

I don't believe they are disposable:

"Anti-tank missile integrated in a reloadable launcher"

@samogon, when I was in Afghanistan 45 Commando were chucking Javelins around like confetti in OP HERRIC 9....These babies, not Roman ones even became a Verb "Jave it!!!" "Jave that position" "Jave 'em" ...

Principally At concentrations of Enemy behind Compound walls..not exactly fair but War isn't fair. So sorry about the PvP issue but you all need to spread out and move quickly from cover to cover and lay down suppressive fire.

Don't nerf missiles because they cause alot of damage, just learn to deal with it.

ARMA isn't fair that's what makes it real.

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Related to #6607

@MadDogX thanks for link... my sourses was incorected...
@mwcuboi - now everything fine.Guidance only at less that 600 meters.All rest = falling down.When I start this feedback - they was shoots on direct line at 2kms.
BUT point "rocktes guidance" myst be removed in difficulkty options IMO.
Also - we talking not about such AT systems,we talking about squad weapons.Currenty in this role in US army AFAIK AT4.Some soldiers in afghan even uses M72 because they are extremely light,and there is no armoured vehicles.

And one more point - will be great to see unguided rockets for diffirent purpose,that destroy vehicles.Building destruction for example.It may be light and disposabe like RPG-26 or AT4.Or be a cartrigde for RPG48 for example.

@MadDogX Technically NLAW is disposable/semi-disposable, the missiles are delivered to a unit as an all-in-one pre-packed weapon and you'd only be able to get one shot out of them in a given contact before the launcher is set aside for the rest of the fight.

"NLAW, a maintenance-free, disposable

However, what the site you linked to refers to is the fact that launchers can be reloaded by Saab, and most operators would be encouraged to recover them at the end of a contact in order for them to have a new missile packed into them at a later date, or at least recover expensive, re-usable parts like the sighting and electronic systems, rather than leave them on the battlefield.

Making them non-reloadable, single-use weapons in Arma 3 would be still be appropriate - Retaining the empty launchers would probably be a matter for how realistic milsim players wanted to be in their ingame actions ;)

Thats a bit naughty isn't it, advertise that it's reloadable.

It should say "Reloadable if sent back to factory!!!".

Covered by #6607.