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People in fast flying helicopter float behind it in multiplayer
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It may be a lag issue. Viewed from the ground, people inside fast moving helicopters don't stay inside. Instead, they're shown floating behind it.


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Stand on the ground and watch a helicopter with at least 2 people fly past. I'd estimate that the distance between the person watching and the helicopter is at least 300-500 meters, but I haven't tested it personally. And I'm also guessing the helicopter is flying at least 100km/h. I've seen this happen more than a few times already.

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I have seen a much worse case of these on various multiplayer servers just recently. I got into the helicopter as a co-pilot or some other seat in the back of the helicopter so I was not the pilot. Once the pilot took off and started flying the chopper I switched from 1st to 3rd person camera and I saw like 6 people flying right behind the chopper like birds following eat. They were all outside flying and from the VOIP conversation on that server I heard that other players inside my chopper were seeing this animation glitch as well. Switching back to 1st person view I was able to see the pilot or the other players in the back of the helicopter just fine. This looked very weird. Sorry didn't get the chance to capture a video of this with Fraps..

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client side have "inside vehicle" status, so lagging player see him inside vehicle

but server simply thinks the player is not inside vehicle, so it sends position of player(not of the vehicle) to the others + some laggs = he is flying behind it.

More lags = longer flying :D

its called lag

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This issue is worse than lag, as the engine appears to calculate the bodies hitting the helicopter and ultimately damaging it. For example, get into the co-pilot seat and if this "bug" happens then the player's body can be seen bouncing outside of the chopper up into the rotors. The rotors then become damaged.

As for the original issue I submitted, it's pretty much fixed as far as players floating behind the helicopters.

The one where the rotors get damaged from someone jumping into the co-pilot seat, is slightly different than my original issue. I think someone has submitted that issue already, too.

Marking resolved then.

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