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Script Camera.sqf not found
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whenever there is a call for the camera.sqf script, an error is reported that it is not found.
The splendid camera works fine in Editor


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One way to reproduce, place in the "on activation" field the following command on a Radio activated trigger: null=[player] execVM "camera.sqf"

Checked in Multiplayer environment

Error Started occuring in Dev version 0.57.105093. The script would execute in all previous version including Alpha stable 0.56

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I had no problems executing the script, show more details?

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Are you using today's Dev version 0.57.105093?
This problem has just started occurring.

0.57.105007 but I think I misunderstood the situation. I though you got problems running this script so forget what I said >.<

KDN added a comment.May 11 2013, 8:28 PM

Is there any other alternative. I need a camera to view while designing the mission and it needs to be checked in a multiplay environment.
Can I get the splendid camera function in multiplay Editor?

Have you tried ...

  • exec "camera.sqs" in the 'on activation' field or 'initialization' field
KDN added a comment.May 12 2013, 12:42 AM

Yes I have tried for good measure but no go!. But on a side note, the camera.sqs is not really the script anymore. Inside this script there is a line to execute script: camera.sqf. It has been changed since Arma I, I believe.

I am not sure if the developers are preparing something different and put the camera.sqf out of commission or it is just one of those things that slip through the cracks of coding :)

Oh yeah, I used the camera.sqs
I don't think the sqf exist anymore or will have it on full release.
Use exec "camera.sqs" for now.

KDN added a comment.May 12 2013, 5:21 AM

I think we got it wrong, guys. NONE of them work in this latest DEV version. Please check your version and correct me if I am wrong.

In prior Dev versions, the camera.sqs was working ONLY because in its content there was a redirect to camera.sqf. So in a sense we were always using camera.sqf, either directly or through the camera.sqs.
Also sqs format is almost faded out too.

Just put enableDebugConsole = 1; in description.ext and you'll have the debug console in multiplayer.

It supports 3 values.
0 = Only available in the editor in singleplayer.
1 = Available in singleplayer and for the host in multiplayer.
2 = Available for everyone.

KDN added a comment.May 12 2013, 5:22 AM

Excellent!! This is exactly what I needed.
Much appreciated :)

camera.sqs restored for the backward compatibility.

Please call the camera using following method, as the .sqs script is likely to be removed again in the future:

player call BIS_fnc_cameraOld;

Mass close.