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Vehicle Towing
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Towing Vehicles for recovery is an important part of military Operations, especially when using Heavy Armour.

I would like to see a Script, Animation and Graphics that would allow Players and AI to use recovery vehicles, or tow damaged vehicles with another vehicle.

This could also extend into Combat Engineering Tractors and Vehicle Transporters.

It would also prove useful in the wider community for mods and mission designers. {F19351} {F19352} {F19353} {F19354} {F19355} {F19356} {F19357} {F19358} {F19359} {F19360} {F19361}


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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I have a request ticket #0008488 with exactly this in mind. A towing system could be realised using model selections and the already available animation sources as opposed to script bound setDir/setpos loops etc

If a native towing system cannot be made, then please consider supplying/expanding the commands for community made alternatives?

Maybe it would be as simple as having a rope object with 2 ends that are hooks.


NAME = Name of the rope object
tow = Command
VEHICLE1/OBJECT1 = Name of the vehicle/object pulling the other vehicle/object
VEHICLE2/OBJECT2 = Name of the vehicle/object being pulled the other vehicle/object
MEMPOINT = The memory point of the object OR the [x,z,y] of an object, like attachTo

It would be great for the rope to use the new physics system.

Voting up! =)

PS. If a certain Mempoint is a rope, use the rope physics else if the Mempoint is a crane, only use physics for the end of the object not being pulled (such as the back wheels of a vehicle is allowed to move left and right, whilst keeping the front fixed to the crane). Also would be great if you can use 2 or more ropes, and having the pulling vehicle affected in some way by the weight of the object they are pulling.

I remember interview with devs probably on PCGAMER where devs said that it will be possible to get stuck in sand or mud and then we would need help of another vehicle to tow us out of it. That would be pretty neat, it is in VBS II then why not in A3. As for devs, the project lead has been changing quite often which isn't very optimistic for game final consistency. Anyway I would love too see all above.

It would be awesome to have a bulldozer for an engineer to create a FARP. Just clear out some trees and build one there.

The pivot feature exists in VBS2 and has for quite some time. It would be nice if it was implemented in A3. I don't see a reason for it not to be considering it's already implemented in VBS2...?

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Was this along the sides of fast roping in the feature list ???

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setTowParent script command, in combination with createRope