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Game Freezes and Stops Working
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Randomly when playing either in the single player, the editor (previewing) or multiplayer with custom mods or totally vanilla, the game will freeze. If I tab out, there will be a small window on the screen that says "Arma 3 has stopped working." Seems to have started with latest update but unable to recall/confirm that fact.


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Unable To Duplicate
Operating System
Windows 7
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Arma 3.
  2. Play anything -- multiplayer, single player showcase, mission editor preview -- modded, unmodded, doesn't matter.
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Sorry to comment on this again so soon but I forgot to mention that I already tried the -nobenchmark fix. In addition to that, I totally uninstalled the game via Steam and deleted the entire folder from the SteamApps/Common directory. After the fresh install, even with -nobenchmark running, I had the crash again last night. Thanks in advance for looking into this; I really appreciate it.

Can you please try it in development version of Arma III on Steam?

Right click on Arma III in your Steam Library>Properties>Betas>development build
This version may not stable and it can contain more bugs, than Stable Arma 3 Alpha version.

Thanks for the reply, astaroth! Due to the timing of the update that just came out yesterday, should I complete some testing in that version before trying the developer version?

I continued to play in the most recent update and I crashed again recently. Here is the link to my latest three files (rpt, mdmp, and bidmp).

Here is another batch of three. This time I know I was just running the current, non-dev update with no mods at all:

I was running without mods in the latest Developer Build and crashed again. Here are the three files that were generated:

Do you have still this issue in beta build?

Yes, I had it a few times in the beta after upgrading through Steam.

After getting frustrated by it persisting, I completely uninstalled the beta. Oddly enough, as I was doing that, I was also notified about an update for my Nvidia graphics card drivers (320.49 beta drivers). I installed that and then completely reinstalled Arma 3 Beta.

Since then I have not had the crash but that was only a few days ago so I would like more time to truly test this in all scenarios.

Ticket can be closed, as it's not valid anymore.

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