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disableTIEquipment doesnt disable vehicle's PiP monitor
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Using disableTIEquipment command on vehicles disables Thermal Vision for a gunner view but you still can use Thermal Vision inside a vehicle's PiP Gunner monitor. {F19343}


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Windows 7
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Place Ifrit HMG on the map in editor.
Add this to vehicle init: this disableTIEquipment true;
Get in vehicle as a gunner and look at the gunner's PiP monitor.

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Honestly I would prefer it to be a separate command to be able to disable TI in PiP monitors or set it to different view mode.

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seperate command would be OK. upvoted.

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This needs to be fixed!

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Thank you for reporting the issue, I've passed it on to a programmer.
We will see what we can do.