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Pilot and Divers bodies/Uniforms invisible - cannot load texture warning
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Pilots and Divers for some reason since update have lost their bodies to time and space, Their invisible, apart from a floating Chest rig helmet face hands and weapon.


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All the time no matter what i do

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Well thats part of development, you may fix one thing only to realize something else is broken, or many other things. Which is exactly why they put the alpha out for the public, so that WE can do the testing and report these things to them.

You dont have to point finger at them and say they are making it worse, that wont help the cause. I suggest you remove the additional information bit and just say thanks in advance instead.

They just got Harry Potter's cloak of invisiblity

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Sproyd, keep your spam to yourself please. Post deleted.

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There are invisible but they can still take damages, that's just the fatigue.

Khan added a comment.May 14 2013, 10:44 AM

The pilots are bugged, but i couldn't repro the divers.

Are you still experiencing this?

Same I cannot repro the divers.

This was fixed a while ago.