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Screaming for medic bug
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As said in the Summary, Any game i join or run (Multiplayer) my guy will constantly scream for a Medic, not quietly, i mean really loud and hurts my ears.

No injuries or any type of wounding. 100% health pretty much and he will still scream, it seems a lot of other people are having this issue


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Join any M.P game

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Weather it be from U.S Or Opfor, i believe they all call out in english, and as said in the other post no matter the distance its like they're next to your head.

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Now you know how a medic feels when he keeps hearing all the wounded calling for him. But honestly, no reason to get rid of it, it should stay, they should only work on it to improve it.

The problem i experience with it firstly is that when someone is down, and he is 100m away, it sounds like the wounded is right next to me, now imagine 5 wounded all spread accross the AO... That is annoying as fuck and confusing because i dont know where to look and what direction.

Also I sometimes notice that I hear wounded calling, but when I check my map, I see no-one nearby that is down, even if I use global chat, and ask whose down, no answer. Sometimes I think it's the enemy soldiers perhaps? But above issue is really the only problem.

Now lastly, you arent very precise with your description, by the sound of it, you didnt mention being wounded when hearing the call for medic, so is your character calling medic when you aren't even wounded and down?

As for your ears hurting, dont turn the volume up so high, not good for your ears, so turn it down a bit and it wont hurt. If you want to make it stop, go revive the soldiers =)

Some times it sounds like the "help medic" sample is payed three times over the top of each other making it sound incredibly loud

Sotgunsheamus, I was one of those medics lol, and dealt with mascaz situations.

Okay I see you updated the description, this now happens when you not wounded?

I will try some domination tonight, see how that goes. But again, as I stated, when somebody calls medic, it sounds like they are right next to you, and also sometimes I also hear someone screaming medic when no one is around. Come to think of it, these issues could actually be describing the issue you are having? Because it would make sense that if no wounded are around, yet you still hear it, and it does sound like its right by you, that it may possibly be your character.

Whether it is, I dont know, have you tried moving far away from the AO in vehicle or heli, and then see if you still hear it?

I have played a bit of the showcases and the new sound is just awesome, maybe that fixes the problem? Will see later and update =)

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same problem,

played domination and i think thats what i heard were other guys calling for medic. It was like someone standing next to me and calling for medic directly into my ears, first on right side, then both, maybe becouse more guys get hit

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btw.: my soundcard is Creative Surround 5.1 USB

So i drove a singy into the ocean during a m.p game and my guy must have got salt in his eye, he needed a medic lol, i flew as high as possible and he screamed for his mom, no i joke i mean medic, and i sat bya rabit and got bit, and needed a medic.

It seems to be on an endless loop, i thought it could relate to the fatigue system maybe? im not sure, it doesnt happen during Singleplayer at all. server side? or glitch or bug?

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Is this issue exclusive to Domination?

I donit believe so, I've joined servers where its happened less, but it IS still present, the sound doesn't play as often it seems

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i think its just some "volume" problem, when someone away from you calling medic and you hear it like directly into your ear (100% volume) :) i will test it more today

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.. tested for couple of hours on non-domi servers and no problem, so i think it's bug in mission, not in game :)

That's what I thought, since I've never experienced this bug but also never played Domi, which would explain it.

In that case, this ticket will be closed shortly. Issues with 3rd party content cannot be fixed by BIS and need to be taken up directly with the author(s).

Makes sense, but doesn't it rely on the sound engine? I mean, there might possibly be a problem with custom sounds due to incompleteness of the sound overhaul. Perhaps this issue should remain open until sound is sorted, but no priority at all, and also OP or anyone to contact the domination creators and get feedback from them? If there's no response from dom creators by the time sound is finalized, then close ticket?

And how can you not play domination? =O

It's fairly easy to misconfigure custom sound effects so that they are heard too loudly over too large distances. But yeah, this is most likely (at least partially) related to the changes in the sound engine, so let's leave this open for now.

As for not playing domi, I've been sticking to single player, the editor and occasionally small private coops so far. I won't touch public MP until the security measures are in place. :)

Won't touch mp? Security measures? Is there something you not telling us? Lol...

I play through every showcase when there's a dev update, only when you guys take a break, i play mp... Sooo safe to assume it wasnt you who team killed me the other day? =O there's someone with nick MadDog (without the X) that i played with the other night, who tk'd me for no apparent reason... Thought it was you getting revenge for the drama i made about a ticket you closed unfairly lol

Nope, that wasn't me. :)

As for the security, I don't know any more than you do.

Okay so I just finished playing Domination now, because BIS did not release an update today =( lol jk.,..

The sound issue has drastically changed with the new sound overhaul update I think. Now it doesn't always sound like the wounded is right by you like it use to, now there actually is some depth and fade out the further you are, and it isnt right next to you, the annoying kind of in the ear kinda sound. That was my experience =)

Im not saying it's perfect, but it is an improvement. Then again perhaps the domination creators made a change, or perhaps it was the server i played on? Filter bellavista, and play it there, see if it is any better now? and if so, then try any other domination server.

We were not able to reproduce this bug.

Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest developement build in original maps.

ShotgunSheamuS, yes it was Bellavista, and a couple other servers. My main gripe wasn't the fact it was hard to distinguish the location of injured, it was the fact that i was injured by nothing. I can deal with locating a friendly but having 'MEDIC!' 'MEDIIIIIICKKKURRrrgh' happening every 20 seconds gets tedious to the point of leaving and closing the game.

After playing today, The sound has improved how ever I'm still magically injured, I re installed A3, played and had no prob, Switched to the DEV build and it came back. As well as Micro-stuttering on my Titan.

Oh, well i did pay attention to the unwounded screaming, my bad for not mentioning, but i didn't experience any cry for help when there was no person wounded, also given that the sound has improved and you can now actually determine that someone is far away and not right next to you, i can now confirm that i never had that cry for help coming from my character at all being un wounded. Hence why i can't confirm this.

Perhaps play with the sound settings, could be that the cry for medic is playing via the effects channel, and perhaps over VON, music or radio? Also the frequency of how often you gear that would most likely be related to dom creators, they can probably change the frequency. But other than that, sorry mate. I'm just not having this issue any longer since the new update.

Closing, since apparently not one has been able to reproduce this in the past month.