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Improve and enhance grenade behavior as per Dslyexci's prototype
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While the new quick throw for grenades is an improvement, it doesn't address a bunch of other issues with grenades, such as how frequently what should be a perfect grenade throw ends up being a suicide, and how hard it is to do a precision throw through an opening or into a window.

Dslyexci put together a quick prototype that not only addresses these issues, but also adds a bunch of additional enhancements that would be simple to use and bring Arma's grenade functionality from being worse than in a lot of other games to being perhaps the best around. You can see the prototype in action here:


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Yes that is indeed a good prototype system. I remember seeing that when the videos were released.

I hope the developers will implement some of the basic ideas.

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I am surprised. This was to be decided on May 8, 2013.

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On the video in this ticket everything looks interesting. But I think this issue could be partially solved without changing the animation.
Add an icon to the center of the grenade throw view, with the loading forces division in a circle, similar to this

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