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[Feature Request] Vehicle cargo system / transportation of crates etc.
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I think it would be amazing if vehicles had an inventory that allowed for carrying certain objects like Ammo Crates.

Think of this: Drive a truck over to an ammo depot, have a simple option in the action menu to load a crate into the truck. Then drive the truck to a cargo plane, helicopter, etc and unload it then load into the aircraft. That would allow you to then drop off said ammo crate and/or other object anywhere you want. Think of the possibilities!


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Sounds nice for evacuation or theft missions.

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That's another use that I hadn't thought of as well, thank you =)

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Thanks so much for looking into this Dan =D

Do you mean to add the vehicle into the Air frame? i would like the ability to drive a quad inside a helicopter and action>lock so its in there in the middle of the isles. and for c130 and c17 to drve a small scout 4x4 pickup or jeep into it.

No that isn't what I was meaning at first. I was talking about objects such as Ammo Crates, barricades, maybe even tents, and much more. But loading a vehicle into a cargo plane would actually be just as useful and the same concept really. Good idea =)

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This is a great idea.

Arma 3 lacks the use of its gameplay sometimes. Like roles for players

This will be " role" i call it, where players need to plan and add what they need in the trucks before heading into the AO. .)

Yes and it would also be interesting for carrying precious cargo in a convoy. The possibilities are endless if this new feature really is getting looked at =D

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Don't remember how it's called. But we have that now.