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Better Tracers like in ACE2 Mod for ArmA2
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The standard ArmA III tracers are horrible so please BI change the ArmA III Tracers to better one like in the A.C.E. Modification for ArmA2. This would be a big atmospheric improvement for nightmissions. {F19282}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a unit and a ammobox in the Editor
  2. Set daytime to night
  3. Take a tracermag an load it
  4. Fire some tracers
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+1 Love those ball tracers.

Agreed. A shame this hasn't gotten more votes. The thing is from what I've read, this is closer to reality than the longer laser tracers BIS tends to give us. The reason you see in many movies and elsewhere the longer tracers (probably what BIS based theirs off of) is due to the camera not being able to keep up. There are documentaries and other videos out there that have better cameras showing the tracers to actually be more orb-like and certainly not laser-like, like what's been default in ArmA 2 and now ArmA 3. I think as it comes out of the barrel there is a slight tail to it, but nothing like the low framerate version tracers we see in ArmA and hollywood movies.

I highly doubt BIS will even care enough to consider it, and the community will ultimately have to do it ourselves as usual, but hey....we can hope, at least.

Please, for the love of god, do NOT force us to use ball tracers if implemented. Please make them completely optional.