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Changing uniform changes entire character model
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Why you desired to do that? Why cannot be uniform just attached to soldier like a bag, vests, weapon attachments and everything other is? For example when you are civilian and you undress your clothes your muscles become bigger and entire skin color changes a bit. Cannot you just remove entire function to change uniform? Changing uniform is just useless when you cannot dress opponent's uniform and AI doesn't react to it at all - I mean, You can undress your uniform and enemy AI still knows you are BLUFOR and take you down.


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  1. Place yourself as civilian
  2. Undress yourself - your muscles become bigger and entire body changes.

Continue for another bug

  1. Then still as naked civilian dress yourself into BLUFOR uniform - OPFOR still see you as civilian

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enemies looking at civilians with enemy clothes as civilians is not a bug, uniform detection is buggy and not implemented yet

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Should also take WAY longer time to change clothes than it does now

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