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engine noise
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With Arma being such a huge map and you being required to drive to get around, the constant engine noise is very annoying. I keep my headphones up to listen for the enemy; however, especially with the atv the constant whining of the engine makes wearing my headphones unbearable and I'm sure could lead to hearing loss.


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I'm unsure of a solution to this, but I would greatly appreciate some sort of adjustment at least.

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You want the devs to remove the engine sound?

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I don't see the problem, you can always tweak the sound in your settings.

no not remove it, but do something to dull it after a certain time period or break up the monotony of waaaaa-waaaa-waaaa-waaaaa-waaaa-waaaaa-waaaa-waaaaa-waaaa-waaaaa. I personally get really tired of hearing it from one side of the island to the next.

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hes right actualy. there are some sound problems connected to the vehicles. they just doesnt fit together with the other sounds, they are extreme loud.

Tho in reality driving on a ATV/quadbike rl you would not hear much of youre environment.

there should tho or could be a own option for the engine and vehicle sound in sound options.

I dont see this as a critical thing anywhere tho.

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Don't forget that military vehicles and civilian vehicles are built for different purposes, you aren't going to have the same silent drive in a civilian vehicle that you would in say a humvee where you have to yell to have a conversation because the engine is so loud.

Wow did you really just say that?! First of all its a HMMWV not a humvee, and I doubt you have been around one if you think you have to shout when it's turned on. Yes there is a difference between the purpose of vehicles in the civilian or military sector. However, besides and 88 (which is a mechanic tank) I have never had to shout or scream around a running vehicle.

Yes you probably wouldn't hear much of the environment, but you would probably hear a lot more wind on the ATV than the engine per my experience. As for the other vehicles you would probably hear no environment at all but the engine would definitely not be as loud as the game portrays. In any case you would hear gun fire (within a reasonable distance) no matter the vehicle.

Yes I did say that, and yes I have been in one though it may have had a bad muffler or none, who knows it was a one off. All I know is I had to practically yell to speak to the other guy.

As for the ATV, I live in the country and the neighbor two houses down has a four wheeler. I was sitting down in my living room with a window open and I could hear the thing clear as day so no they aren't quiet either.

As for the gunshots...couldn't say, never been in a vehicle getting shot, I don't know if you would hear the bullet or just the impact.

That would be from the higher pitch of the engine being able to carry farther. It also would depend on the ATV. While any engine revved up is going to make a significant noise compared to an idling one, my point was that they kind of went overboard in game.

You mentioned the issue was constant whining and concern of hearing loss, is this due to the repeated sound, the audio of the engine and from the interior or exterior view? Hunter or Ifrit?

In real, the engine behaves the same way - or you think that with Engine On you can hear whispering of enemies far from you?


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