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removeAllContainers leaves unit with uniform model even though their uniform is removed
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removeAllContainers scripting command properly removes uniform and vest but leaves unit with uniform model even though uniform is removed.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Editor, select Stratis
  2. Place any unit as player, open this unit's properties
  3. Add following into Initialization: removeAllContainers this;
  4. Start the game and observe that player still have visible uniform on him even though uniform is removed when you open the inventory
Additional Information

removeUniform on the other hand properly removed uniform and sets model to underwear.

Problem affects all versions of Alpha, was actual from day 1.

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Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate it, keep up the good work and help comuinty and developers to build better game for all.

SaMatra added a subscriber: SaMatra.May 7 2016, 1:54 PM

Bug is still actual in beta

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removeUniform does not seem to in multiplayer.

This command should ideally remove all storage functionality from a unit and leave it visually intact so that one cannot interact with units inventory. Would be useful making dead units unlootable.

Problem still exists in latest stable.

seems like you have discovered my own internal command for debug purposes. well ok, the one way is to hide them.. or I can just fix it ;-)

FIXED in DEV version. 110188 I'd say that this patch will be distributed to public tomorrow, so please give me a feedback

kylania added a subscriber: kylania.May 7 2016, 1:54 PM

It's a shame this was "fixed". Leaving the uniform was a good way of having dressed soldiers without inventory for survival situations where we didn't want to be running around in our underwear. As well as the situation mentioned above with regards to unlootable bodies.

i don't understand what's the problem, simply remove everything except uniform, there is no logic in your words

kylania, maybe we should ask to introduce a command that would lock vehicle inventory instead

Well, correct me if I'm wrong but what is the point of this command now? I can achieve the same result by just removing backpack, vest and uniform. As I mentioned before and as Kylania said the value of this command was in that the unit still looks dressed but has no storage containers. This is currently impossible to replicate by other means. AFAIK there are no commands that would disable storage functionality on fully dressed unit.

I'm actually pretty disappointed as it took developer time to tweak this command that could have been spent on some other bug fixes, and on top this command is now pretty useless.

Killzone_Kid you're absolutely right in all cases, except, that removeAllContainers itself suggests, that it should literally remove all containers, but instead previously it didn't remove uniform and made a bug, so it's not right to simply "let it be"

I support addition of another separate command for you case.

The same point as having removeAllWeapons and removeWeapon commands I guess.

Not really. removeAllWeapons is pretty useful command because trying to remove all weapons one by one can turn into a nightmare. On the other hand removing backpack, vest and uniform is just that:

removeBackpack player;
removerVest player;
removeUniform player;

This is so simple and straightforward that adding a command that will do all that in one, is overkill.

Why it is a nightmare?

{player removeWeapon _x} forEach (weapons player)

Yeah ok, you can do that but it will require your average Jo have knowledge of loops "what is _x anyone?". What I'm saying is instead of making a pretty useful command out of it we got a ok shortcut command.

Either way using bug as a feature is not a good idea, I would wholehartedly introduction of scripting command that would lock specified vehicle inventory. Or better also introduce an event handler that would call when player tries to open inventory of something and returned value of execution would define if player can open inventory or not and also display appropriate mission designer defined message or anything else. For example:

player addEventHandler ["Inventory", {
_player = _this select 0;
_vehicle = _this select 1;

if(_vehicle isKindOf "Offroad_01_base_F") then {

		hint "You cannot access Offroad trunks";

} else {



As well as having event handler, having a scripting command would be good too so you can completely remove Inventory option in action menu.

removeAllWeapons also removes magazines as well. Handy that. :)

I'm all for a "only display uniform" command.

unit addVisualUniform "classname" or something would be neat.

Or you can create a unit, add him proper uniform and lock his inventory. (If there was a command to lock it)

Or you can remove all storage containers but leave everything visually intact and if you want to only display uniform then in addition you can exec removeBackpack and removeVest

@SaMatra "inventory" EH ДА!

should be already fixed. can someone give me a feedback?

Should be fixed as in... ?

Or was there another fix? Would be interesting to see the actial code for this fix. I'm imagining something like

removeAllContainers = {
removeBackpack _this;
removeVest _this;
removeUniform _this;

It's "fixed" as in it strips off the visual uniform as well as uniform, vest and backpack properly, but we'd still like some way of having a visual uniform on a body without any inventory please. :)

I've just checked - everything is fine!

Yeah works as intended now.

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