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Requesting Feature for Equipment Loadout by Pouches on Vest
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The current loadout feature is determined by weight. A standard loadout for an infantryman is 7 magazines (210 rounds). Obviously, you can fit more pouches on your gear to increase your capacity, but instead of clicking and dragging magazines and other equipment on to your vest, allow the player to move magazines into SLOTS in the inventory menu.

This feature will give a personal touch to the game and make people feel like that can customize their equipment more than most other games on the market {F19179}


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Requested already.

Customizing vests would be great, especially for campaigns, where you have to acquire equipment and then carry it from mission to mission. But it's Alpha release and the primary reason is to have more realistic infantryman loadouts + more varied and interesting inventory system.

Yes, it is. Sorry. I don't think I can close my own post

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The keywords are:

Duplicate of #7586

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