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Recoil pushes the weapon in the wrong direction
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if you fire a weapon in any stance whether it be fully auto or semi auto, the gun ALWAYS flick up and to the right. now correct me if I am wrong but recoil is the opposite and equal force to the bullet being forced out of the barrel therefor the gun sifts back with equal energy but the direction of which the gun moves should be random. Right now it is just going up and to the right.

I am not 100% sure but can't recoil force the gun in any direction (up, down, left, right and anywhere in between) although the recoil should for the majority of the time go in the direction your muscles are weakest but that doesn't mean it should be 100% consistent.


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play the game

fire your weapon

take note of the consistent recoil direction

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Please correct me if I am in anyway wrong.

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there is like......... around 40 tickets just like this one, and what does the recoil has to do with the "animations"?

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To reproduce this in real life:
1: Obtain an assault rifle.
2: Fire said assault rifle right handed.
3: Observe that the barrel climbs consistently up and to the right.

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sigma, what if i am left handed?

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Rifles recoil up and to the right due to the rifling of the barrel, and this has nothing to do with whether you're right-handed or left-handed. I'm a left-handed shooter in RL, and which way do AR-15's recoil when I fire them? Up and to the right.

You also have to take in mind that most rifles in ArmA 3 will fire the new 6.5mm Grendel caliber which has a higher recoil than the 5.56mm NATO.

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i think you are misunderstanding what i am trying to say. I am trying to say that the recoil should not be as consistent as it is. Right not it is going up and to the right in the exact same spot. fair enough it may move that direction the majority of the time but that has to be a chance that the weapon will move in another direction.

and yes i was wrong about putting this issue under animations.


I'm pretty sure that this covers the issue. Also: guns do recoil pretty consistently in real life, back and slightly upward and right (or left if its a lefty setup) mostly has something to do with bolt orientation or something like that. Don't totally understand it but i know its mostly the bolt. Point is when you have mass-produced (nearly identical round-to-round) ammo firing from the same gun over and over, the behavior is gonna be pretty consistent.

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Another recoil myth presented by someone who has never shot a rifle?

C'mon, stop it!
Please, go get a real rifle (huge differences of the recoils) and a shooting instructor and spend some hours on a shooting range. At least, you guys at BI.

Reading the rubbish about the "Weapon Sway" in the "Bootcamp Update" implies rather clearly, that you do not prioritize realism, but gameplay...