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More NATO factions
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NATO appears just to be the U.S. It would be interesting if you could select squads/units of different nationalities from the NATO factions and other special forces within those nations. E.g. SAS, SBS, KSK. Different uniforms and voices would be great.

Being able to select in editor a BLUFOR, Rifleman, German. would make it more interesting for players who like to play other factions as the U.S.

I know it says in the description that the contingent is the U.S. 7th infantry division. But it also says 'NATO’s Mediterranean Joint Force', which makes me think there should be more in the way of nationalities. Could just use the voices from the B.A.F expansion of Arma 2 for Britain


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placeholders, guys, placeholders.

Why Special forces? Special forces go in, and if all goes well they aim not to get into fire-fights. What we want in this Game is Line Infantry, or Elite Infantry not Special Forces.

Remember OPERATION FLASHPOINT, the Special Forces Missions were tense, but actually weren't as good as the ones with the larger Platoon or Company attacks.

It is the curse of Modern Computer gaming, as soon as you introduce modern military it always "Tends towards Special forces".

SF make up a tiny % of the fighting strength of NATO forces. I say more respect for the Humble Professional Infantryman.

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ARMA 3 will have many nato countries and most of the units in selection will apparently be special forces judging from media released.

Edit: Why do people wonder why there's very little content variety when the game isn't even in beta? I bet some people are making suggestions asking for tanks or helicopters.

Ok, thank you. I did look it up and I only found a bit saying that the U.S. 7th division would be the playable NATO faction.

I am all in favour for more infantry, that's why I was asking for more nations. But elite forces are also something I'd like to see, especially airborne Infantry, like the Parachute regiment or the U.S. equivalent. With easy to organise para jumps and HALO jumps.

Rangers or ainrborne/paratroopers are elite infantry, and mwnciboo, the reason why people like SOF missions is because the REAL LIFE SOG missions are quite interesting and really hard, after all, the players/soldiers MUST BE trained, hard, smart and good at what they do, but yeah, the concept of a special operator has been twisted too much nowdays.

besides, i am pretty sure the units in arma 3 are the Spec ops ones, i mean, i dont know since when the US army uses a standar pistol and 2 mags for a common rifle man and changed the size from 12-13 soldiers per squad to 10

Elite Assault Infantry (like the USMC, US Airborne, Rangers, British Para's, Royal Marines) are very highly trained Infantry, lets be honest most Special Forces (in the UK at least) come from this background. I do know that US Navy Seals recruit directly from the Civil Populous.

The problem I have is that 99% of Special Forces are dull, get in, do the job get out. Usually Close Target Recce, Designation of key targets, attacking specific sites. They are expensive assets you don't throw them at anything, thats what your line infantry is for, patrolling and sweeping areas, holding positions and doing the lions share of the work.

Special Forces, emphasis on the Special because in Computer Games they are featured everywhere and in such numbers we should really called them "Common Forces".

The attraction for me to OPERATION FLASHPOINT and something that has carried through the series, is Section Attacks, Platoon Attacks and Company sized Assaults. The ability to actually be an infantryman and use proper tactics and Infantry Weapons.

I think if ARMA goes down the Special Forces road too far, I think it will lose one of the Unique Selling Points of the series.

I think it will be in the game later.

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Why only NATO?
OPFOR in A3 alpha is almost equal to BLUFOR.BLUFOR doesn't have superior firepower now,that it was in A2OA.Balance between sides allows to create enjoyable PvP missions.

actually, i am sure marines in both UK and US sides are not elite infantry, just a joint force with somewhat different training and equipment, they are not exactly better than the army.

and Special forces are not THAT useless, but most of their jobs is to get intel, or they can do like in vietnam and bring back the LRRP, now THOSE guys were REALLY needed in SF missions.

I'm sorry Dr Death but the following:-

"actually, i am sure marines in both UK and US sides are not elite infantry, just a joint force with somewhat different training and equipment, they are not exactly better than the army."

What you wrote Is utter nonsense. The Royal Marine Commando's have the Longest Basic training of any Infantry in the World, their Ethos, fitness and training eclipses that of the British Army by a Considerable margin.

The USMC also have considerable Training, their Ethos, fitness and Training eclipses that of the US Army.

So by Elite Infantry, I mean Elite Assault Infantry. Other good examples are the US Airborne, Rangers and British Parachute Regiment, French Foreign Legion. These are some of the worlds finest Assault Infantry, they are the Tip of the Spear and used to lead Assaults. They are the 1st in, they are given the tough nuts to crack, and their histories and ethos show just how resilient they are as fighting units, especially when other units would have withdrawn or surrendered.

Special Forces are great at what they do, but you never have enough of them and they are extremely, extremely expensive to train and the numbers of recruits are low (unless you lower the standards and then, well they aren't that special anymore are they?).

So ARMA for me should be about Line Infantry and Elite Assault Infantry. Not about BLADES running around in 4 Men Patrols doing close Target Recce, or surgical Strikes. I want to be the Sledgehammer not the Scalpel.

As a retired OF-3, and Graduate of the Staff College in the UK, believe me when I say Marines of Almost all countries are an Elite Formation.

The game is in ALPHA. Patience.

mwnciboo, you convinced me, however, there is still the fact that Spec ops are being used in real life for different missions, maybe in the campaign of the game you play the first parts as a SOF in a unit that must strike first, get intel, destroy AA to support friendly troops (pretty much the same thing as the campaign in Arma 2) or just stealth missions, i know they are not universal, they are not armed with nanosuits (i REALLY love that thing...)and they are not chuck norris/Rico Rodriguez/Gordon Freemans.

But if they do exist, then it must be because of something.

and in real life, there are several missions wich include large amounts of navy seals (30 or around) doing missions together (example, the elimination of "bin laden"), and if we go REALLY back in time, in the vietnam war, Seals were just a small group of people used in recon/assaults wich had lots of air support.

i know they are not the main focus, but it WOULD be realistic to have them.

and like stated before, if you really take a close look, the units used already in arma 3 have pretty much a Spec Ops equipment

I agree we should have SF, but we should also have the "Grunts" so to speak.

I think your point about A campaign is great. Having an SF unit go in and neutralise something prior to a Big Air drop or a Big Amphibious landing would be an Excellent idea and it is what we do.

SF doing a Surgical strike to open the way for the Follow on Forces.

Operation Barras was a good example of this. We smashed them with a combination of Special Forces and Elite infantry.

On top of this Large Scale Special Forces Raids have been on a few occasions and they are Outrageous in scope. I would like to see this in the game as well. Good examples being.

And this one...Not much talked about openly, but it was a biggy!

or another example would be something du hoc, i remember i think it was either rangers, who fought in that place and climbed all the way up that hill just to destroy the flaks and the artillery there so they could let the army, marines and the rest of the allies disembark more safely into normandy in '44.

Yes, ArmA 3 should have a realistic application to the SF groups, either in mass, small ops, undercover, patrols (like in vietnam), etc.

Yeah that is "Pointe Du Hoc", went there on a Battlefield Tour. Turned out the guns were removed and replaced with telegraph Poles, but the Rangers still got up that cliff. The Cliff is insane, especially when you consider grenades raining down on you, and then Machine Gun fire as you Crest. It's stunning they took that position.The Story of 1st Sgt. Leonard Lomell is particularly amazing.

We Digress....I would love to see the following in ARMA 3

  1. Bundeswehr Panzer Grenadiers
  2. French Foreign Legion
  3. The Royal Canadian Regiment
  4. 82nd Airborne Division
  5. Netherlands Marine Force
  6. Danish Guard Hussar

But actually much of this will be done by the MOD Community.

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

And why not we're in mediterranean envivorment how about Italian troops, wich are an important military force in NATO sometimes italians generals leads NATO operations, and i believe in mediterranean envivorment italians are in their "habitat"

Italian 1st regiment carabiniers paratroppers Tuscania (the elite of IT special forces)