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Opfor speak English
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Opfor speak English and have identical accents to Blufor soldiers. This is unrealistic. I understand it may not be a high priority at this time but it would make for a more immersive experience, especially during close quarters engagement.


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Play as opfor, or stand near a talking opfor

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i dont really understand why people make fun of people like you who dont understand what does "alpha" means, just like that smart annoying kid that make a virus-script that kill everyone in a server because he complained about the game being buggy.

I personally feel pitty for you, you still dont understand that this is of course gonna change in the future, yet you make a ticket on this game.

"this is of course gonna change in the future" - How can you know for sure?
I thought the point of the alpha is to report bugs, deficiencies and suggested features so the developers can address them.

because it would be retarded for BIS to let pass the OpFor (iran) talking english when they are trying to make an actually good campaign, there has been no game from BIS that used the same voices for BLU and Op

I think it is something very important... Not speaking iranian, but at least with an accent, as in OFP

Those are obviously placeholders because the actual voices haven't been recorded yet <.<

And from the latest SITREP: "The next step is getting our Creative Director Crowe to record the well-known Jayholder voice-overs. Then we're ready to start recording final voice actors."

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Of course it's going to change in the future, they posted somewhere that the OPFOR language is not yet localized. This is again the least of their worries as of this stage. EDIT: Here is where they said about localisation:

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An interesting note about OPFOR dialogue: The OPFOR are already coded to speak Takistani. If you don't like hearing them speak English, then you can merge your ArmA2 and ArmA3 directories, and they will speak Takistani. =D

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Not a bug - the current voice samples are merely placeholders.

Once the radio protocol has been finalized, BI will be recording proper voice samples for all factions.