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Brake IN
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Ok I don't know how many ppl already noticed this but some bastard brake in to Arma database from where we all get updated files and put some trash to it, making game unable to play, honestly I don't know what he wants but here are some screens with his "demands" hah... {F19130} {F19131} {F19132}


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Simply as always, just enter the game and try to play ANY mission you want.

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Wait some time and you will be shot up to the sky flying straight to the Stratis Airfield.

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Work in progress.

Not with the last DEV version in single player!

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@hladas - Thank you
@Shryke2a - I have the latest DEV version...

@All - I really dont understand why ppl down vote this since its very important... <facepalm>

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Duplicate of #7753

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BIS are aware of the issue and working on a fix. Since reports of hacking are not to be tracked publicly, this report is being closed.