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Add a Tactical Knife? (not a quick cod style knife)
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For added realism add a tactical knife that you have to equip just like you equip a gun. that way you can add a stealth mechanic without making noise. sneak in, knife a couple dudes, get what you came for,and get out.


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re-productivity is impossible at the moment because there is no knife.

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add this maybe for the sake of realism?

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This would be nice to have but Im not sure if it is worth the development time. Stuff like this takes a long time to implement and in the world of Arma a knife would for the most part be useless. Only very rarely would you be able to get so close to someone that you could use a knife and to avoid COD style knifing the action would have to take a long time and be really messy.

Still voted yes for it in case the developers see it and deems it worthy of development time. But honestly I dont think they will as it dosent add enough to the actual gameplay compared to other more important stuff

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No Knife. (-1)

1.) We don't have any other purpose than "silent kills" (Fences are not cuttable, you don't have to prepare your food, you don't have to cut up vegetation to conceal yourself or make an area passable).
2.) Stealth kills are scriptable (Script already in the forums) for special missions.
3.) Sneak around enemys and avoid detection. Use a gun with suppressor when detected and get the hell away - you failed. I would never ever get closer than 20m to an enemy (ArmA / RL). The probability that you step on something that makes noise or you focus too much on the one target and another one spots you would always keep me in safe distance and concealment.


Sidenote: Rather i'd have a crossbow than a knife for silent kills. One use only, greater distances, attachments possible. Good chance that its (still) used in 2030+.

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This is covered by #2714.