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when allow vehicle free look is enabled, i can't go back to mouse control by double pressing Alt.
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as titled. At least this was the case on the little bird helicopter. Double pressing Alt will re-center your view but doesn't let you switch to mouse control from free look. allow vehicle free look should only apply to driver seat in any ground vehicles.


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Windows 7
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Enable vehicle free look, join a game with a little bird attack helicopter, get into pilot seat, now moving your mouse is supposed to look around instead of controlling the steering. Now double press Alt. You're supposed to be able to control the steering but you're still in free look.

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Yes this happened in the actual, arma 3 alpha, non-lite version.

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temporary solution: use * on numpad

We weren't able to reproduce this bug. Are you having this problem on actual version?

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Even when the repro is supposedly obvious, adding repro steps is recommended.

information updated. this happened to me yesterday while I was trying to pilot a little bird attack helicopter.

I tried this on the blufor AH-9 and MH-9 helicopters. Double alt seems to be working when allow vehicle free look is disabled, but not when it's enabled.

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Guys I think this is by design. The vehicle free look option is to override mouse into a permanent freelook while in the vehicle. It works the way I expected it to. I like it.

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but player must have ability to reset his view to default, 2x Alt must reset it...

I'm currently experiencing this problem as well. I have only used the helicopter in the showcase and wasn't having problems when I first tried the mission. After exiting and changing my helicopter controls to use W as up, S as down, and A and D as left and right pedal, my helicopter view became stuck in free look. I can access free look normally as infantry and it is off by default (toggled by altx2, accessed with alt), but when I get in a helicopter it is automatically on and unchangeable. If I hit altx2 to toggle free look and then hold alt to disable free look my view is sent to the center of the screen repeatedly. As I move my mouse it moves off the center only to be sent back without controlling the helicopter. Resetting my keybinds to default has had no effect on the problem.

This is happening in the latest version of the full alpha.

Latest patch seems to have fixed this for me. If not that then it was creating a brand new profile, attempting to reproduce the bug (failed), and then returning to my original profile to find the bug was no long present there either.

Hi. I have the same problem.
Once I've switched to 'Freelook' I'm unable to switch back.
Now all helis and vehicles steering is controlled only from keyboard which makes helis extremely hard to control.
Left Alt x2 and Num * doesn't help.

Found temporary solution:

  1. Open 'PROFILE_NAME.Arma3AlphaProfile' file, where 'PROFILE_NAME' is your profile name.
  2. Locate line 'vehicleFreelook=1;' and set value to '0'.

It's in the options in game, there is no need to dig into config files.

It's in the options in game


There's no solution to this. This is still present in the final release. If this was by design, how do you effectively pilot a helicopter with keyboard only??

Yes, it's still present in 1.04, please up vote

Go to > game options > general tab > disable vehicle freelook.
You can still use alt to freelook in a vehicle and double tap alt to toggle freelook on until you double tap alt again.
Surely that's the problem sorted.

Still happens in 1.52 - mostly on HC servers (thirdperson disabled).

Entered a helo as pilot, used ALT to look around (vehicle freelook in options is disabled) and got stuck in freelook mode. Neiher double-ALT, changing seats, getting a new helo nor * will fix the problem.
It's really annoying on KotH HC mode.

Not a bug, but it's exactly how it's supposed to work.
If vehicle freelook is enabled in game options, it applies to all kind of vehicles.
Pressing Alt only recenters the camera, but doesn't disable vehicle freelook.
The only right way to disable it again, is to do it again via game options, where you have enabled it before.
@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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