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Always mounted NVG
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While is nice new feature, is kind of unrealistic (weight of neck) and immersion breaker to see everyone with NVG mounted in the helmet in the middle of the day.

It is possible to mount them only under some condictions (like diver's googles) such as:
(close to) nightime or when the user switch them off and they became idle for x amount of time.

It could also prevent some clipping like the one that happens when flying the A\MH-9.


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Just drag and drop your NVG from NVG slot into your backpack or tactical vest (if you have space for it).

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I was going to say the same. Just take them off. If you want you AI team to NOT have them there are commands you can use in the init field to customize loadout.

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It is not about having it or not, rather about aesthetics and to prevent things like this =>

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Last chance.
Sorry to bump this again but it really annoy me. You could have {this unassignitem "Nvgoggles"} as default, would solve the issue (or my issue ;p )

Of course as soon someone runs out of space on the inv (or just straight on), they will put it on its slot again. Thats why I suggested a timed or hour dependent to *show* it.

Some (unecessary) pics:
Heli and snipers, the prime examples:

And the army of ants. It just looks out of context.


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Since they're already an accessory are you just saying you want them off by default?

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Well, for better or for worse, it looks like this was implemented.

See #9880 for the request to have this change reversed.