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Night to bright if moon is under the skyline
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A very bright blue line.
See pictures. {F19058} {F19059} {F19060}


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Set different times in the editor.

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Dev Build 0.55.104268

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The night sky remains blue at all times. Even when the landscape is pitch black, the sky remains dark blue instead of black. This change occurred a few dev builds ago as detailed here:

The real night sky always is dark blue, near the horizon line it's even lighter colour. The sky appears to be black only when there are lights in your field of view (cars' headlights, streetlamps, full moon etc.).

Maybe there should be some tweaking done to ambient light value, slightly shining on objects when moon is under the horizon, but the sky dome itself is fantastic.

I agree that the sky is too bright unrealistic after 0.55 dev!
Here is a picture of a sky before 0.55 dev it's much realistic :
and here a picture of real night

you can see that the night before the v0.55 of looks more like the reality that what is present now

please fix this issue

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I see no problem with the sky color and it's normal that the sky becomes black when bright lights are facing you. It's more realistic now than it was then.

Gugla added a comment.Aug 5 2013, 4:07 PM

Hi, Thanks for feedback, I think You are able see, dark horizont vs. lighter night sky. At photo you can see full dark horizont and sky. There matter how shutter you used. If is overast 1 (in Arma), in scene is very dark light and horizont is not conspicuous.

I spent full night out and all the time I still saw border between horizont and sky.