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Anti Hack program required!
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I'm sure I saw this topic before, I couldn't find it in a search, but it bears repeating...

Please, please... PLEASE, for the love of god, I'm on my knee's begging you, add battle eye support to the Alpha!!!

I'm sick and tired of getting a good game rolling only to have it trolled by some hacker 20 minutes into the game and ruining it. You can't hardly play in a busy server for more than an hour or so now before someone comes in and hacks the hell out of the server. Their gaining steam, and its becoming a daily occurrence, happening every few hours now. The best part of this is... THERE IS NO PROTECTION FROM IT!

I rent a server right now, I pay real life money to rent this server and provide it for my clan and the public to use, and I can't even keep them out of my own server, or find out who is hacking. Why should I, or any other server hoster, waste their hard earned money to have some hacker come in, take control and lock them out of their own server THAT THEY PAY FOR, because we don't have battle eye yet?

This is a simple feature to add in, I don't care what program is chosen for this, we need something for now to stop the hacking, because the Alpha is becoming un-playable as a result.


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  1. Join a server
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sarlac added a subscriber: sarlac.May 7 2016, 1:47 PM

This is not the place.

Keragon added a subscriber: Keragon.May 7 2016, 1:47 PM

Its not? Its a rather large issue I'd say, and something that needs dealing with.

No, sorry, we all know people hack. Yes its a problem. It sucks. But this is for reporting bugs in the alpha phase of development of this game. There will be cheat protection stuff eventually. You just have to wait.

I have to agree with OP, been having the same nightmare... even though this isnt the place for it, it's still worth noting to the devs i think. These hackers are driving me insane, joined 5 different servers yesterday because just a while in some hacker comes and fucks around, and it really just frustrates everyone to have to drop a really good game going. How can everyone else be so cool about it?

I get bombed all the time too. The way I look at it is this, the devs are aware of the issue. They have publicly stated that they will add battleeye or whatever when the time is right. But for now they are working on stability and other development related things. Remember what you are doing with arma 3 alpha. You are testing a product during its manufacture process. Things will get better eventually.

Shotgun put the point home here. "How can everyone else be so cool about it?"

That's EXACTLY my point. We shouldn't have to wait for the promise of "eventually" having cheat protection. Why on earth should we have to suffer through it during the Alpha stages when the fix is so simple? We'd all be a lot more productive at finding bugs and actually testing the Alpha if we wouldn't have to switch servers every bloody hour.

The hackers know they have us by the short and curlies and they aren't going to stop, it will only get worse from here unless something is done.

Sounds like you're on the alpha channel anyway. Switch to the dev branch and quit playing wasteland. You'll have fewer issues. I'm done with this.

I've been on Dev, I got tired of only having a few servers to choose from at the best of hours. I don't play wasteland, you shouldn't assume so much.

There is no reason we shouldn't have some form of anti-hack, regardless of the fact if we are playing on dev or not, its not an excuse because you feel you don't have to deal with it.

I don't play straight alpha, I'm on the dev build, and don't only play wasteland, also play domination and other custom missions. And hackers still come crashing the party. And the issues aren't fewer at all.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:47 PM

need to prevent to hack memory on client side, likes points, health, d3d dll's

Can't the devs just make use of a different format thats encrypted, that only the game can read from? Or just those files generated on the server side, and have client modify the files in the sever, and then those files interact with the server locally.. That way those client files aren't on the client open to modify. I know nothing about these things really, so i don't know how much sense it makes lol, but i have an idea how the hacking happens, so kinda thinking in line with that.

huorn added a subscriber: huorn.May 7 2016, 1:47 PM

Just a curious fact, but I haven't met a cheater in ArmA 3, yet. So this issue is not so urgent from my perspective.
However, I agree that any kind of cheat protection is a must-have for a serious multiplayer game, and there will definitely be some sort of it in the game, wether it is BattleEye or something different.

Im with sarlac here. Testing, searching for bugs first, fun second. Unless it requires 0 resources to set that up. And for all you know battleye could bring in a whole new level of crashes and bugs that would mix up with legitimate game bugs, making bug fixing even more complicated.

tyl3r99 added a subscriber: tyl3r99.May 7 2016, 1:47 PM

@KardasLT you have a very good point. I know that arma 2 to this day still has issues with battle eye.

Kardas, i know what you saying, but i feel this is important, and even more so to that the solution to this should be at the core of the game, and not an after thought. If a game is designed from the core to be anti hacked, it would probably be less hackable than it would be afterwards to which after wards they can impliment a secondary defence. At least that's how i figure it to make sense. So yeah, it may bring many more bugs, but once those are resolved, it will continue as usual, and probably be much more safer.

Mp really carries a big part of ARMA since the life span of ARMA depends on it, so it would make sense that BIS realy focus on it.

I disagree with you that antihack should be an element of core game design.
If I follow this idea to its end, there'd probably be no modding feature in ArmA at all.
Games should make fun first. Antihack shall only be there to prevent antifun and thus be built around the fun stuff. Not otherwise, doing a sophisticated antihack gaming software and then add just that amount of fun stuff, so that antihack isn't affected.
I know that people get mad about cheaters for good reasons, but this looks to me like capitulating and letting the cheaters passively dictate the game studios (now speaking independently of ArmA3) how they should design and produce a game. And you, in fact, are working unconsciously as a proxy for the cheaters. They are probably sitting in their chairs and laughing their ass off, when they read that people now want to cut off features in a game just in favor of an antihack solution.
My advise is just to be patient at this point of time.

I'm not at all saying that ARMA should become closed to modding, i just can't see how it could really even be a problem if BIS develops the game to be open anyway then of course they aren't going to develop it any other way by just working on an anti cheat system, or make it less for the hackers to hack.

I'm not dictating, I'm just sharing my thoughts, And cheaters aren't really dictating how BIS should develop the game, the devs are doing it themself. If they dint work on a proper solution for this, then it will always remain a problem.

There's a saying that goes, do something right the first time, then you won't have to come back and do it again. The devs just need to come up with a solution, that's all, even if they have to hack and exploit the game themselves and say this is how we can stop this. I'm not saying we should see something in the next update, but when ARMA 3 releases officially, i do not want to have my games spoilt by hackers.They should probably have a dedicated team working on this, even right now fully committed to a safer and enjoyable product.


"And you, in fact, are working unconsciously as a proxy for the cheaters. They are probably sitting in their chairs and laughing their ass off, when they read that people now want to cut off features in a game just in favor of an antihack solution."

Really? So if we were to apply this same logic, we shouldn't have ever developed anti-virus programs so the virus creators wouldn't laugh at us for making something to counteract them. We also shouldn't have a military to defend ourselves against foreign forces either so they don't get the enjoyment of knowing that we did this to sleep safely at night.

Adding anti-hack software doesn't cut off features or gut the game out. All they do is monitor for permissible scripts and then kick all others who use scripts that are known hacks or don't meet a user set criteria... That's it!

08jne01 added a subscriber: 08jne01.May 7 2016, 1:47 PM

This is definitely what should be done about the hacker problem, something similar to battleye would be perfect because I see servers all the time being griefed by hacker and it is unacceptable people pay for servers and they are just ruined by people who cannot play the game correctly.

I definitely think this should be implemented, Vote up from me.

On BI forums they said that some sort of anicheat will be added later.

Please take this conversation to the forum where it belongs.

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 1:47 PM

As with all hacking reports and AC requests, this one is being closed because AC is still WIP and not yet implemented. The devs are aware of the problem.

Dedicated servers are already being tested by some server admins and will be released to the public very soon. An anti-cheat solution shouldn't be far behind.