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Aiming Grenades
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I think, the current grenade throw makes the game more arcade, because, like in cs, bf.... you have to approximate where your grenade will go. furthermore you have to give away your position sometimes if you aim your gun into the sky for a higher/further throw.

i think, a good system would be: while holding "g" unbind the gun from aim like in free-look and have a "cross-hair" like that of grenadelauchers only bigger with the rough area of impact.

on a side note i think the grenade throw shouldn't be instantaneous...
and: is it unrealistic to be able to "cook" a nade?

i found out, in rl noone would cook grenades...

"reviewed" sounds good ;)
imho throwing feels more natural with hold to aim + release to throw

the most natural way would perhaps be just "making grenades one of the weapons" (select via mouse-wheel)


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also i think the nades should be stronger and have more blast radius. but i guess there is a request for that already...

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the most nades start cook by throwing, not by pulling the ring. ;)

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ok, so you cant cook em
thx 4 the info

...although u could shake it a bit :D

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